One person can make a difference.

PAC welcomes financial support in any amount at any time.


To make a donation, send a check, made payable to:

Peruvian Amazon Conservation

Mail to:

1759 Dyson Drive, NE
Atlanta, GA, 30307-1315, USA

Peruvian Amazon Conservation, Inc. is recognized as tax-exempt under IRS code, section 501c3, and contributions are tax deductible.

Rudi You have the power to change a life

Your contribution goes a long way in the Amazon.
$25 provides 1 year of safe, secure family planning for one woman
$50 provides 1 week of transportation, cargo & food for the health post staff
$100 provides 1 month of salary for one Peruvian peer educator
$200 provides 1 month of salary for the registered nurse
$500 provides 1 month supply of medicines for the health post
$1000 provides 6 months of rent and utilities for the PAC field office in Iquitos
$5000 provides 6 months of salaries for the whole health post staff

provides for the training, monitoring & annual salaries of 8 peer educators

Your donation confers ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP:
Student $25 (actively enrolled)
Individual $50-99
Family $100-499
Sponsor $500-999
Patron $1000-4999
Benefactor $5000 or more
Please make a generous donation and join the PAC team today.

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Help us to help the Amazon rain forests,
rivers, and people to a sustainable future.

Please, help us to help others.

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All CITIZENS AND RESIDENTS OF THE USA, including officers, directors, advisors, and workers are volunteers, who do not receive monetary or other compensation for services provided.

PERUVIAN WORKERS receive fair but modest monetary compensation for their services and medical benefits. Peruvian workers include porters transporting cargo and construction materials; boat operators transporting materials and personnel to work sites; carpenters constructing blackboards, latrines, and desks for schools; chainsaw operators cutting boards for construction; and monthly stipends to PAC staff, including the Assistant Director, the registered nurse, the carpenter/cook, teaching assistant trainees (peer educators), part time laborers, and eventually a part time accountant.

CONTRIBUTIONSwill be used to support the on-going and planned programs, for the purchase of medical and educational supplies, for essential services provided by Peruvians, for training and monitoring of peer educators and village midwifes, for transportation of these supplies within the country of Perú, for postage, telephone communications, and staff transportation within Perú and between the USA and Perú.

GENERAL OPERATING EXPENSES in the USA will be provided by donations and grants stipulated specifically for that purpose.

In as much as is possible, all MEDICAL AND EDUCATIONAL SUPPLIES and materials will be donated or purchased at reduced prices in Iquitos, Perú, thereby supplementing the local economy and avoiding airline baggage charges. Purchases will be documented by receipts and/or canceled checks.

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Funding derives primarily from the ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP dues of individuals, families, small businesses, corporations, and other interested organizations, who contribute at the level of sponsor, patron, or benefactor.

Currently, funds are RECEIVED AS CHECKS written to Peruvian Amazon Conservation and mailed to the home office in Atlanta. All contributions, including occasional cash donations, are deposited into the PAC account at the Bank of America under EIN# 58-1977389.

OPERATING EXPENSES in Atlanta are paid by checks written on the Bank of America account. Operating and program expenses in Iquitos are paid in cash and documented by receipts, which note the current rate of monetary exchange. To avoid international wire transfer charges which generally totals about $50 each, whenever possible, cash is withdrawn from the Bank of America account and hand-carried by the Executive Director during each trip to Peru. When no trip is eminent, then funds must be transferred to Iquitos by international wire transfer and received by the Assistant Director, Sr. Clever Hoyos R.

The FINANCIAL STATUS will be reported annually and available by written request.

One person can make a difference. You have the power to change a life.

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